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Cups - Lavender + Sage

Cups - Lavender + Sage

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Calm your emotions with the divine Cups Tarot Candle. Tied to the emotional realm the Cups suit sheds light on how we truly feel and how to best navigate those emotions. The soft lavender + sage scent clears negative vibes as it calms and relaxes the senses. Connect with the element of water as you light this dreamy creamy soy wax candle. 

*Candle is 8oz. with a luxury wooden wick for maximum crackle and scent throw. Burn time is 40 hours.

Candle Care Instructions

  • Trim wick / pick off char before each use
  • The 1st time you burn candle, let the wax melt pool reach the edge of container. This should take 1-2 hours.
  • Never burn longer than 4 hours.
  • Practice safe candle use away from pets, kids, and flammables.
  • HACK: If the candle isn't staying lit, this is an indication that the wick is too long, SAFELY kick off char with back of lighter while candle is lit with its small flame, flame should become normal.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
GInger COxey
Amazing 💗

I have not had a bad candle yet. So glad my sister turned me on to queen of cups candles


I'm totally in love with this candle. I've been looking for a scent that's both a hint of floral and a bit earthy and this is the one! I also love the soft crackle of the wooden wick-- it's details like this that make this candle so unique and relaxing!

Would love a costco pallet sent to me

My boyfriend and i absolutely loved this candle. From the aroma to the unique simple style. Will be purchasing again :)